Design Trend #1: Softer White Wall Paint Colors

The white that we see is a very pure white that does not have any grey in it, and therefore gives a very luminous feel to the room. We’ve started to use softer whites, like dove grey, to warm up the modern spaces. Basically, we are going away from the cold whites of the last few years.


Design Trend #2: Wood Finishes

People are increasingly seeking connections from nature. M4A is a big proponent of the flexibility and beauty of wood—we use it widely in our residential and hospitality projects to create a welcoming and calming environment. In many of M4A’s projects, we see a growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to incorporate to achieve this.


Design Trend #3: Colored Kitchen Cabinetry

Many are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in kitchens while moving away from all-wood or white cabinetry. Making a statement and creating a mood with cabinetry in black and colors like deep or grey-washed blues and greens will be in high demand. These would be beautifully paired with fixtures and hardware in brass and other contrasting metals.


Design Trend #4: Terrazo

There is an increased focus on creating sensory and emotional responses through design – whether that be through bold colours, vibrant patterns or unusual textures.The hardwearing material is being used on everything from flooring to kitchen surfaces and shows no sign of losing popularity throughout 2019. Design Trend # 6 -RESPONSIBLE DESIGN.


Design Trend # 6 Responsible Design

Responsible Design was a recurring theme throughout 2018 and it’s set to get an increased focus throughout 2019 and beyond. Plastic was nominated as the material of the year by the London Design Fair with designers elevating the possibilities of waste plastics and championing support for plastic alternatives.


At time when the planet is on the brink of disrepair, homeowners are carefully considering the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. It’s no longer desirable to buy off the shelf – instead, a ‘waste not want not’ mentality is creeping its way into interior design. Reclaiming, reusing and recycling is becoming the norm.

Design Trend #7 GREENERY


Another current trend carrying on into 2019 is the explosion of greenery and patterned foliage that has found its way into every unused corner of our homes.Increased population density and urbanisation has resulted in smaller homes, where many of the city’s dwellers are lucky to have any green space of their own.

Indoor house plants are an easy way to feed the desire for more natural surroundings. They provide a way to personalise your home and express individuality, as well as inject colour, pattern and scent. and are confirmed to improve household air quality.

Design Trend #8 A Mix of Masculine and Feminine


We believe that the best, most beautiful rooms and homes of 2019 will achieve an ideal balance of both masculine and feminine. When designing a space this year, don’t be afraid to mix what may be considered masculine elements (such as leather) with feminine touches to bring more variety to your decor.

Design Trend #9 Navy is the New Black


Black is timeless and traditional, but one of 2019’s interior design trends will definitely involve more navy elements at home. We expect to see “navy used in fresh and modern ways consider ditching black furniture or accents and using navy instead. These navy side chairs offer a clean, modern look without feeling too heavy or dark in your space.

Design Trend # 10 Art Deco Design


Art deco design is all about embracing geometric designs, manmade materials (like metals) and bold colors. Though art deco reached its peak in the 1920s and 30s, we expect to see a big resurgence in 2019. Art deco is the perfect way to add more textures and visual interest to your space. Search for geometric accessories, and don’t be afraid to embrace brass and gold in your design scheme.

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